Opening extra office in Tilburg from 1/7/2019!

Siriusstraat 104, 5015 BT Tilburg

We provide the best match

Are you looking for a job or want to work somewhere else?

See how you we can help you !!

EU-Roots is a job agency that with the help of experienced personel succesfully gives people jobs in all sorts of branches. Use the services of our agency, which is the middleman between employer and employee. We take care of all formalities. Most of the offers, apart from the mother tongue, ask for English or German language at communication level. A job that will give you satisfaction and challenges. We offer work in the neighbourhood of Waalwijk/Tilburg or Den Bosch. We meet the needs of people interested in taking up employment. We provide you with free professional service and information.

The offer covers the entire period of employment from the time of job search, through interviews to taking up and termination of employment.

Remember that you must have your own accommodation as well as your own means to get to work !! As we do not provide such services.


  • Personal data
  • Salaryslip
  • Year report

Why EU-Roots?

  • Weekly pay of full salary
  • One contactperson
  • No deductions on salary
  • Personal contact


Visit us between 9.00-16.30 in the office.
Please take:

  • Pasport/ID
  • Driverslicence
  • BSN-number
  • Bankaccountnumber
  • Health insurance card
  • Certificates
  • CV

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