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Conditions 1 minute free shopping at a Supermarket worth.max. €450.-
1. These terms and conditions apply to the 1 minute free shopping price (hereinafter referred to as: the “Prize”) of EU-Roots Uitzendbureau BV (hereinafter referred to as: “the Organizer”).
2. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw from the Promotion at any time without giving reasons.or change the promotional conditions in the interim. A revised version of the promotional terms and conditions will be posted on the site, with a date.
3. The Promoter and the participants are bound by the content and provisions of these terms and conditions.
4. Acceptance of the Prize implies acceptance of these promotional terms and conditions.
5. This Award is part of our summer 2022 recruitment campaign.
6. There is 1 prize to be won in the form of 1 minute of free shopping The following rules apply:
7. The prize of 1 minute of free shopping can be paid by the prize winner personally or be carried out by a person designated by the prize winner.
8. The 1 minute of free shopping can only be carried out by 1 person. The prize winner or person may not be assisted by third parties.
9. The store in which the free shopping will take place will be designated by EU-Roots Uitzendbureau BV.
10. The shop designated by EU-Roots Uitzendbureau BV will be opened exclusively and only for this purpose on a day and time to be specified. The exact date and time will be determined in consultation.
11. The prize is not redeemable for cash.
12. During free shopping, the Prize Winner must use shopping carts available in-store. You can use 1 wnkelkar, if this cart is full, it is ready.
13. The minute of free shopping starts at the entrance of the store at the turnstile signs with a shopping cart in hand.
14. After that, you can continue shopping along a route to be determined by the participant.
15. The prize winner may keep all the groceries they have managed to stack on their shopping cart.
16. No additional shopping baskets, bags, etc. may be used that are attached to the shopping cart.
17. Everything must remain in, on or under the shopping cart under ‘own power’, i.e. without the help of the prize winner or another person.
18. Use of rope, adhesive tape, elastic and other aids are not permitted.
19. 1 copy may be taken per product, the EAN code on the article is leading for this.
20. During the minute of free shopping, the following items may not be taken with you due to legal provisions; tobacco, medicines, books, phone cards, infant formula and items sold at the service desk such as stamps, lottery tickets, scratch cards and gift cards.
21. All products that meet the conditions and are placed in the shopping cart within 1 minute will become the property of the prize winner. When the amount of € 450.- is overridden, the winner can choose the products within the amount of € 450.-.
22. EU-Roots Uitzendbureau BV may take photos and videos during the award ceremony. The prize winner has no retention against using your name and photo and your shopping cart in communications around this promotion.
23. No correspondence can be entered into about the result.
24. The Organiser is not responsible or liable for any additional expenses and/or travel expenses that the winners may have to incur or incur in connection with the participation in this competition, and with the acceptance, use or misuse of the prize.
25. The Organiser is not responsible or liable for defects in the prizes to be provided by it. The Organizer does not give any guarantees on the prices to be provided by it.
Transation from Dutch (Dutch regulamin is leading)
The draw is on September 2022

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